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Disc 1 : CD
1. 01
2. After Hours
3. 02
4. Mandrill's EEZ
5. Buriki Head
6. All Tomorrow's Yesterday
7. Left-handed Right Hand

Disc 2 : DVD
1. 01
2. After Hours
3. 02
4. Buriki Head
5. All Tomorrow's Yesterday
6. Left-handed Right Hand

All music : Yusuke Kamijima
Mastering : Kimken at Kimken Studio
Film : Kenji Sasamori, Chieco Ruike (HOMEE)


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Yusuke Kamijima - Left-handed Right Hand
2-disc / CD&DVD, Super Jewel Box, Dec 1 2010, DVD / Region : All, NTSC, Stereo

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ドイツのレーベル、Frozen Elephants Musicのコンピレーションなどで知られる、Yusuke Kamijima / カミジマユウスケのファーストリリース。

静かに呼吸するように一音一音紡がれるピアノ曲から、絶望と希望を一気に吐き出すような轟音パンクサウンドまで。文明都市と人混みをかき分ける日常と、思いがけず訪れる昼間の静寂のような非日常。情感溢れる演奏とプログラミングでYusuke Kamijimaの等身大の姿が表現されている。


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Digital Release

Left-handed Right Hand - Yusuke Kamijima



# Brett (UK)
Norman Records : Jan 6 2011

This is a very nice bit of piannery ambience if I may say so. I assume that Yusuke is the pianist involved and if his right hand's left-handed then he deserves to be applauded for doing fine work with a terrible handicap. I guess in many ways I'm reminded of Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto's collaborations but it often possesses something of the warmth, melancholy and repetition (although none of the epic drawn-out form) of William Basinski's Disintegration Loops series. There's the odd lighter moment too as well as an unexpected descent into harsh noise towards the end, which is quite pleasing. Not sure what's on the DVD but this trailer here

suggests that it's all cool kaleidoscopic visuals and stuff. It seems a neat package..

# El Fog (Germany) playlist 2010 on flau website

# Savvas Hantzaridis (Greece) : Jan 27 2011

As beautiful and fragile a release as you are ever going to hear this year, that I can quarantee. Listening to Yusuke Kamijima's album is a totally unique experience. Ambient soundscapes, wonderful orchestrated melodies, melancholic and atmospheric parts, all combined in such a brilliant and talented way. I strongly believe that Yusuke Kamijima's latest album is a great example of how the classical music meets the modern composition in a way a few artists can compose. "Left-handed Right Hand" DVD is the perfect movie-soundtrack for a lonely and windy day along with a glass of wine and the memories of the past !


# Defected (UK) : Nov 11 2010

We stumbled across this short piece of music and wanted to share it with you. Crafted by Tokyo-based sound engineer Yusuke Kamijimam, when coupled with the simple yet alarmingly beautiful video, it's probably the most relaxing two-and-a-half minutes you'll enjoy this week.

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