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EMDC Records : Electro Magnetic Dawn Chorus Records.
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Yusuke Kamijima - Left-handed Right Hand
Latest release (EMDC 001) Phisical CD/DVD and Digital release world wide.

ドイツのレーベル、Frozen Elephants Musicのコンピレーションなどで知られる
Yusuke Kamijima / カミジマユウスケのファーストリリース。

"Yusuke Kamijima" is a composer / sound artist, based in Tokyo, Japan.
He's been gaining recognition through the work as a live musician and composer,
Contributing to overseas and Japanese compilasions and providing soundtrack music for plays.
This is his first album. See more ...

Japan Earthquake
- Mar 11 2011, 14:46PM


わたくし共EMDC Recordsの運営者2人の故郷は青森県の太平洋側の為、地元の家族や友人も震災の被害を受けました。仙台若林区に住む古い友人からは「こっちは最悪な状態だけど無事だったよ」というメールが一通のみ受信出来ました。被災者の方々は勿論、懸命な捜索活動を続ける方々、国民の命を背負って福島原発で作業をされている方々、どうか頑張って下さい。



Text : Kenji Sasamori (EMDC Records)
Thanks for translation to Toby Griffin

When the earthquake struck, I was on the 48th floor of a Tokyo high-rise building, a precarious position. Little was I to know that there was to be much worse places to be, and in more tranquil locations. But the fear was nothing I have felt in my life. The shaking continued for about five minutes, but it felt much longer. Within an hour of the return of stillness, the Tsunami on the TV news shocked me out.

I managed to get to the ground floor via the stairs. The Office town was filled full with many, many people. Trains were stopped, the traffic was cold, unmoving. My home would normally have been an hour and a half by train. The hotel was fully booked. I walked for seven hours and across thirty kilometres to get home. Countless people were walking with sad faces.

My experience was a minor, the affected areas suffered catastrophic damage. But the panic still continues. I would like to help those in the affected areas, but what can I do? I would love to share this feeling with people overseas - that is why I wrote my little story. Please everyone keep making things.

Normal daily life is very precious. Japan will stand up defiantly very soon, but with tears in its eyes.

Thank you for reading.

Keep fine.

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